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Skydiving Near Santa Barbara

No matter if you're a first-time skydiver or you're an expert jumper, you'll have the time of your life with Santa Barbara skydiving!

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Tandem Skydiving in Santa Barbara

Tandem Skydive

If skydiving is on your 'bucket list' you need to check out tandem skydiving with us here at Skydiving Near Santa Barbara! Join us here at Skydiving Near Santa Barbara for the most heart-pounding ways to experience the fun and elation of complete freefall sky diving over California. Skydiving is one of life's biggest and best journeys. The feeling is indescribable, and the buzz lasts for weeks. Experiencing skydiving is a must for those who love to fly!

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Skydiving Training in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Skydiving School

There are several ways to become a licensed skydiver. At Skydiving Near Santa Barbara, our partners provide an AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) skydiving school. Some of our affiliates offer training tandem jumps (Tandem Progression) that permit the student to gain understanding and confidence with a jump master attached. Call Skydiving Near Santa Barbara now to learn about the skydive training courses available near Santa Barbara.

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Skydiving Gifts Santa Barbara

Christmas Gift Certificates

The ultimate Christmas Gift for thrill-seekers! Skydiving Near Santa Barbara Gift Vouchers can be ordered as a tandem sky dive, an advanced course or one of the awesome Santa Barbara Skydiving packages that we offer. Christmas Gift Certificates are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase and are on sale now at the best prices of the year! Call for discounts!

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Santa Barbara Skydiving Videos

Skydive Video Products

Show off your skydiving moments with family and friends with a custom-made skydiving video! Choose from popular skydiving video options including first-person viewpoint cameras, a fast-paced, professionally-produced soundtrack, and pre-formatted videos that you can upload to your social media sites immediately after your jump.

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Skydiving, in its simplest form, is fun! Skydiving cannot be described as just falling. It is flying. It is the closest developed means to become free, burden less through non-mechanical personal flight. It empowers each of its worshipers with a unique feeling of liberty. It eliminates the stress and worries of everyday life, and is the only true way to be in the moment. You always think of the good ol’ days of being in the past, well skydiving allows anyone to recognize the good ol’ days when you’re in them. It is the ultimate combination of nervousness and excitement exhilarating nature and vivid views of Santa Barbara’s beautiful landmarks like Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, the Pacific Ocean, Mission Santa Barbara and so much more. Skydiving is the truest and ultimate form of life, and we offer the simplest and most affordable way to experience it here at Santa Barbara Skydiving.

Come and join Skydiving Near Santa Barbara for the most thrilling experience at Skydiving Near Santa Barbara - a high-flying, action-packed tandem skydiving adventure over California! A Tandem Skydive is a rare experience for most people. Skydiving Near Santa Barbara centers utilize airplanes and facilities that are designed to accommodate gatherings of any size - whether you are going alone or in a bunch of a hundred, we will ensure that your skydiving experience is as extraordinary as possible. Onlookers are also encouraged to come with you and join in the action! Call 661-765-5867 and ask one of our Sky Diving Experts for more information and the best deals on our favorite packages!

Skydiving and it's Advantages

Even if you don't turn it into a regular occurrence, the jump lives on in your memories for years to come. Many people aren't naturally inclined to freefall from thousands of feet in the air. Few could say that they freefall from an airplane as a hobby or that they've even given it a try. Once you have landed, your memories of that time will last your entire life. The best way to share these moments, other than the regaling of your journey, is to record them on video!

Ask our staff about a videographer that will film every second of your first skydive, creating memories that you can relive forever! Whether you choose to have a recording you can share or not, sky diving will surely supply you with stories that you can share for the rest of your life.

Get Ready to Take On Your Fears!

Skydiving, regardless of your current frame of mind, will make you feel excited, and present your body with an amount of energy and exhilaration that you haven't experienced in a long time. There's an unmatched surge of adrenaline that you get in the course of free fall that you just can't get any other way. Many people have the tendency to become hooked on the feeling of an adrenaline boost and skydiving is a viable way to fulfill that need, especially since it is one of the safer forms of extreme sports activities.

Many people are tentative about skydiving because "it's scary", to which we reply "of course it is." However, think of it this way: everyone is at least a little timid about diving from a moving plane but thousands of men and women each year jump with us, and boy are they happy they did. Think about this:

  • Each of our instructors has made this leap hundreds (if not thousands) of times and is required to be federally certified by the FAA.
  • Though it might seem risky, skydiving really couldn't be more safe. All the precautions are taken to guarantee that you're experience is absolutely nothing but a thrilling adrenaline rush that you'll want to do again immediately after it's over!
  • Facing your fears is a great way to find out what you're made of, are you willing to rise to meet the challenge?

Skydiving Alleviates Anxiety!

Skydiving can have a cleansing effect on your mind. Amidst the clouds, above the world, your thoughts are free and clear. Essentially, this helps to put it all in perspective; maybe that huge problem you can't stop thinking about isn't such a big deal after all.

Whatever your situation, you'll find that being strapped to another human, leaping out of a plane and drifting calmly to the ground, aided by a parachute doesn't take much into account. Skydiving is a peaceful endeavor and often thought of as a method of psychological meditation.

Extreme Sports have other benefits!

Even though there are weight limitations when it comes to tandem skydiving, the oldest skydiver was George Salyer, who was skydiving well into his 101st birthday. This goes to show that skydiving has a remarkable effect on even the physical aspects of your health. If you participate regularly, you'll observe an increase in upper body strength from lugging the gear around. Additionally, you may start to find yourself in a different, more confident light. Suddenly, you feel more able to challenge yourself daily, and qualified to meet those obstacles head-on.

There is an immeasurable amount of advantages skydiving can provide. Nevertheless, this extreme sport gives anyone, of the minimum age, a chance to skydive, so essentially anyone can have their lives improved (in the best ways possible) by skydiving.

Some people are reluctant to skydive, believing that their friends and family may hold them back or assume that they are just insane. However, this is an individual choice made by thousands every day. Do not let your own fears or the fears of others prevent you from enjoying one of the best experiences you may have in your life, give us a call at 661-765-5867 today.

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