How old do you have to be to skydive in Santa Barbara?

The first step is to endorse a waiver before your initial skydive. This is a legally binding agreement, which means that everyone who skydives and authorizes the document, has to be at the minimum 18 years of age. This requirement is not only implemented when skydiving in Santa Barbara, California, it is also mandatory all throughout the Country.

How much does it cost to go skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is the most affordable option for everyone near Santa Barbara looking to skydive.The Accelerated free fall pricing is dependent on which level you are buying. Pricing tends to change based on the cost of gasoline and based on the current season. For current costs, please call and a representative can further assist you.

Is there a way to record the skydiving jump?

You can always remember your adventure from the moment you get on the plane to the jump when you buy a Skydiving Near Santa Barbara video package. As a part of the package, our videographers will carry out a short conversation with you before you get on the plane and on the plane as you climb to altitude. You'll receive the entire process of your dive as the videographer will make your jump with you in order to record your freefall as well. We'll even record those last moments when you land as the videographer will land before you do.

Can I bring my own camera?

We encourage you to bring your own camera and capture some photos, or possibly video, from the ground. Cameras are not to be brought onto the aircraft before your skydiving jump.

Just how fast and high will I go?

The level of wind and the general weather conditions contribute in just how high we'll ascend for your jump. The majority of the time, tandem skydives happen at a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet. As you are falling, your rate of speed will reach as high as 120 miles per hour.

Can my party of friends all jump together?

We work with you to make sure you get the group of people you want all together, when possible. You may be able to jump all together, but take into consideration a couple of things first. There is a very brief delay between you and each jumper from the aircraft, which means that you may not freefall and canopy ride at the same time. We will do our best to fulfill any request you and your group may have. There is a small delay in between each jumper so jumping on the same airplane load as your friends doesn't mean you will be beside them during the freefall and parachute ride. Some couples and groups would rather go on separate loads so they can watch their loved ones freefall and landing from the ground.

What if you want to bring along a friend that does not intend to jump, but would like to see you skydive?

You are more than welcome to bring family and friends to watch your skydiving jump. They can stay on the ground and watch the entire skydiving experience from the viewing area. Non-jumpers are not permitted on the aircraft at any time.