Giving a gift certificate for skydiving in Santa Barbara is an one-of-a-kind , exciting gift to give.

A tandem skydive starts out with twenty to thirty minutes of instruction to ensure that each skydiver is fully taught the proper techniques for sky diving in Santa Barbara. Once the training class is finished, every skydiver will strap on their harness and prepare to get on the aircraft. The plane will be at full altitude, up to 14,000 feet, within a couple minutes. If your blood is not already racing through your body, just wait for the door to swing open to reveal Santa Barbara, California, miles below.

With that first step out of the plane's door with your trainer by your side, you'll free fall at velocities of approximately 120 miles an hour. Your tandem skydive within Santa Barbara will get you freefalling for One Minute then spending around seven additional minutes in a canopy ride to the dropzone. You'll arrive as perfectly as possible then, you'll have the ability to claim you skydived! Make a reservation for your skydiving trip or give someone you love a gift certificate for skydiving within Santa Barbara.

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